Alcohol Promotional Girls

Are you an alcohol distributor looking to promote your brand in a more entertaining way? Is your company in the process of launching new products? Then hiring promotional girls for your marketing campaigns can prove to be a valuable investment for your business. Joyce Models provides exceptionally high-level service and professionalism for all clients who require experienced models for events – from tradeshows to photo shoots. Our models are among the most experienced in the industry, having worked for well-known clients in different industries, from lavish clothing lines to alcohol companies. Joyce International Models is here to help to take your brand to the next level with professional and reliable services at competitive pricing. As a leading modelling agency in Perth, we have a strong background with providing professional and experienced promotional models who are able to communicate with your target audience and bring excitement to your event. We tailor our marketing solutions to suit your needs in the best possible manner. We have successfully worked with numerous clients and popular brands that have needed promotional models for their events. Our services help create brand awareness and attract attention with our selection of gorgeous models with charismatic personalities. Some of the largest beverage companies in the world spend millions of dollars every year on advertising to target a certain market. One of the best ways to attract attention with marketing campaign is by using attractive models as they are able to communicate the brand message in a sexy and entertaining way. Hosting alcohol promotional events are one of the best ways to reach your target market and create interest in your brand. These events can be held at:
  • Nightclubs
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events
  • College campuses
  • VIP events
  • Retail stores
Our alcohol promotional girls help promote the fun lifestyle of your brand to your audience. We go through a selective process to ensure all our models employed for alcohol promotions all possess a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate and conduct themselves in a friendly and professional manner. Enquire About Our Promo Models At Joyce Models, we work closely with you to provide experienced models for all your branding needs, whether you are an established company or looking to increase market share. Our models are highly experienced and have worked extensively with different types of alcohol companies. Using our alcohol promotional models can be a pivotal promotional tool to create brand awareness and attract new customers for your business. Our commitment to providing exceptional services without any compromises on quality is what distinguishes our modelling agency from the rest and a reason why we continue to do repeat business with many of our clients. We bring top notch talent who are educated about your products and ready to promote your brand in a fun and entertaining way. To hire your own team of beverage promotional models, contact us today for availability and pricing information. We work closely with all our clients to source the most experienced promotional models available.

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